We're Still Lovin' Gangnam Style

While 'What Does a Fox Say' is quickly taking over our Friday Dance Parties, we still can't get enough of Psy and his silly Gangnam Style dance craze. So much so, that I knew it had to be requested at the wedding that we attended this weekend. 

Ellington loved every minute of the attention she got from taking over the dance floor. She instantly struck the 'Gangnam Style' pose when she heard the first few notes of the song and continued dancing late into the night (by late, I mean she passed out as the reception ended at 11). Honestly, I don't know how she had the energy since she woke up at 7 that morning, but it made for a great nights sleep!


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Bridal Shower Fun + a Freebie

This past weekend, I helped to celebrate a lovely bride-to-be. The location was perfectly located in Charlotte's artsy neighborhood and the food at Amelie's French Bakery was incredibly delicious + it was so nice to actually enjoy a morning meal without the kiddos around. Who knew that chewing and tasting your food could be so relaxing??
Anywho, I was in charge of setting up the games for the bridal shower. I love a good game, but I am more familiar with toddler games, so I had to dig a little to come up with some fun games for this group. I also had a small challenge of coming up with games that would include the few non-English speakers that we would have in attendance. I came up with the following 3 games:
Bridal Shower Games: Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses
I apologize for the bad iPhone picture. My eyes are hurting already from looking at it, but it's the only photo I have since my real camera was left at home. Sad face. 
Toilet Paper Dress Game
If you've ever been to a bridal shower which included games, then you have most likely played this game. You divide the guests into groups and each group chooses one person to be the 'bride'. Next, each group dresses their bride in their own designer bridal gown using ONLY toilet paper. The bride then picks a winner for best wedding dress design and that group walks away with a prize. The prize I chose was an oven mitt filled with supplies needed to make cupcakes since the shower was kitchen themed. 
This game is also a winner when it comes to preparing for the game. The only supplies needed are:
3-4 rolls of Toilet Paper for each group
Prizes for the winning group
Name that Herb
Sticking to the kitchen theme of the bridal shower. I gathered 10 spices from my kitchen (in actuality, I left my spices at home, so I had to borrow some from my mom). Cover the labels of each spice and write a number on each jar. At the shower, pass the spices around and have each person write a guess to each spice or herb down on a piece of paper. The person who has the most correct answers wins a prize. 
Supplies needed:
10 Spices or Herbs 
Numbered Paper to cover labels of spices
Pens + Paper for guests to write their guesses
A Prize (s) for the winner
Bubble Gum Game
Also known as 'How well do you know your Groom?' This is a fun game to play to see how well the bride really knows her groom. Simply email a list of random questions to the groom and ask the bride what she thinks the groom answered during the shower. To make things more interesting, make the bride chew a piece of bubble gum each time she gets an answer wrong. Questions can be anything from 'How does he like his coffee?' to 'If you could be any animal, what would you be?'
Supplies needed:
Question + Answers from the groom (obtained ahead of time)
Bubble Gum

In addition to the games, I had a little printable set up on a side table with recipe cards for guests to fill out with advice on marriage or suggestions for future date nights. I had so much fun making it, that I decided to turn it into a free printable for you girls! Click here for the free download. 
Free Printable for Bridal Shower: What's your recipe for Love? Give advice to the bride on marriage
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Let's Wrap it Up

This weekend, I am cohosting a bridal shower for my husband's cousin. I can't share a lot with you just yet, but I will surely have plenty of pictures and details next week. What I can share with you is how I wrapped her gift. 
DIY Bridal Bouquet: Make the bouquet part of your gift wrapping, so you don't forget it
I'm not sure if this is just a southern thing or if bride's all over the country are doing this, but a bow bouquet is a must where I come from. It can be as simple as tying / taping all of the bows on bridal shower gifts together or you can get a little fancy by adding a paper plate. The bride will then use the bow bouquet (also known as a ribbon bouquet) as a substitute for the real thing when walking down the isle during rehearsal. 

Y'all didn't know I was the fancy type, did y'all? Normally, I would just bring a paper plate with me to the party, but 2 little munchkins have taken every brain cell I have and turned my memory to mush… I was afraid I would forget the paper plate and ruin the party! Okay, so the party would not have been ruined. 
DIY Bridal Bouquet: Make the bouquet part of your gift wrapping, so you don't forget it
Anywho. I thought I was being pretty nifty with the idea to make the paper plate apart of the bow on my gift. Not the prettiest thing in the world, but I won't forget the plate now + I won't forget to actually make the bow bouquet at the party with this little reminder sitting on my gift. 

There's my tip for the day. Anybody else have any last minute tips to pulling off a fantastic bridal shower? 

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