5 Teacher Gift Ideas || Guest Post by Susanne

Just a quick note and then I'll hop out of the way. I've invited a sweet friend + fellow blogger + teacher over to give some advice about teacher gifts. She has some great advice and there are many handy links to creative teacher gifts throughout this post. 

So, get your teacher appreciation gift(s) ready with these helpful tips and then go check out Susanne's incredible blog. She has quite the knack for interior design. In fact, Susanne's bathroom remodel was even featured on one of my all time favorite DIY blogs - Young House Love. 

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Hi! I'm Susanne from Tenth Avenue South. I blog about "making our house a home" but what I really spend most of my day doing is teaching 16 little ones how to read, write, and act politely. I'm a kindergarten teacher and I love what I do! There is something so magical about kindergarten and watching my students read and write their first words. 

That being said, it is tough, ya'll! When it is your job to mold a little one into the person they'll become, your day doesn't end when the school bell rings. But, it's the little things that keep me going... a beaming smile from a child reading his first sentence, a random hug just because, or a sweet little note telling me, "You rock!" 
With teacher appreciation week here, Quinn asked if I would share some of my favorite teacher gifts. So, without further adieu, here are my top five.

1. Make it Personal
At the beginning of the year, my "room mom" asked me to fill out a list of my "favorites." I can't tell you how much it makes me smile to receive a little something that I love! Diet coke & peanut m&m's make my day. Better yet, bring me a decaf skinny vanilla latte and I'll be your friend for life! There are plenty of fabulous ideas if you want to "jazz up" an everyday item: here + here + here

2. Books
Our school just held it's book fair and a few of the families generously bought books for our classroom! I can't get enough. Here are a few of my tried and true favorites: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane,  Pete the Cat, The Kissing Hand, and Stellaluna. {Creative Ideas: here + here}

3. Gift Cards
I know that gift cards seem generic, but I can't tell you enough how much we appreciate them! I spend WAY more of my own money in my classroom than I'd like to admit. I cringe a little each tax season when I hand over my envelope of school receipts. A gift card to my favorite store, restaurant, or spa is such a kind gesture... and makes me treat myself to something nice. There are some pretty precious pinterest ideas for personalizing gift cards! {here + here + here}

4. School Supplies
Teachers can never have enough hand sanitizer, crayons, or colored copy paper! Ask your child's teacher for a few needed items... I have a list ready on my website! :) Or, in most schools, you can donate to your child's classroom fund and your teacher can purchase the needed items at a discount and tax free. {Creative Ideas: here + here + here}

5. Handwritten Note
Most of all, a thoughtful handwritten note is the best gift of all. I adore my notes and drawing from my sweet kiddos, but a note or email from a parent telling me just how much I've made a positive impact on their child means the world to me. Last year, each of my students wrote why they loved me and made it into a book. I will treasure it forever! {Creative Ideas: here + here}

All in all, it is the thought that counts. Your little ones are always on our mind, and it is wonderful to hear that you appreciate us for it! See a few things my students gave me last year here. Thanks again for having me!
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Now go show Susanne some love on her blog Tenth Avenue South. Also, if you happen to be a teacher, Susanne has some very cute and useful products on TeachersPayTeachers