A First Aid Kit: Travel Edition

In a few days, my little family will be headed across the country to celebrate the wedding of my sister-in-law. We are all super excited, but I am also dreading the packing process.

Can somebody else just come over and make sure we have packed every single thing we may need? I just know I will forget something essential, like the girls' flower girl dresses.

With a 1 year old and a 3 year old, my packing list is about a mile long. Oh yeah, and we are flying… normally this would be a welcomed change, but I'm so not looking forward to being inside a small space with 2 crazy girls that don't always act like little angels in public. Plus, how am I suppose to pack everything we need into 2 pieces of luggage?! No, really. How?

I figured I would start with something easy and work my way up to packing our main luggage. Without a home base, we will need a stash of first aid items to help mend little boo-boos and soothe tiny tears.

Many of these items are not needed for everyone's travel first aid kit, but they are essential for our travels. Purell and wet wipes are a must for anybody traveling with small children, as are tissues. My oldest has eczema that randomly flares up, so we always travel with some sort of hydrocortisone cream and a thick lotion. Another essential that every parent should carry while traveling is a thermometer and children's tylenol. I have too many extra thermometers from buying one while traveling because somebody gets a fever. I also always throw in adult tylenol because momma always gets a headache while traveling.

Last, but certainly not least, band-aids and neosporin. BONUS: Band-aids can double as stickers to occupy restless toddlers on long plane rides.

Now that that's done… I guess it's time to stop procrastinating and start packing all of our clothes. So many clothes.




Working with Brands | Using your Social Media Influence

For the past year, I have been dipping my toes into the 'sponsored post' waters. There are several different sites dedicated to connecting bloggers with brands, but I am particularly fond of Influenster.com because you don't have to be a blogger to participate in the campaigns and you don't really even have to put any effort into it if you really don't feel like it.

I am an overachiever when it comes to Influenster, so I try to complete all of the 'task' they give you. It's all simple stuff, like leaving a review (good or bad) and instagraming a product photo. Just another way for brands to get their name or new product out there and create a little social media buzz. You only get paid in products (which is kinda great, in my opinion).

The photo about is from my latest Influenster package. This one has got to be my favorite to date! Seriously, who doesn't want TWO free tubs of Breyers Gelato?!

From the top left (clockwise):

  1. Avon Anew Reversalist Wrinkle smoother: I don't have many wrinkles (yet), but I do like how this cream has made my skin feel. Smooth and silky. Has it reduced wrinkles? Eh. I don't know. I'm not really a makeup person & I honestly don't study my face enough to really know whether this has made a difference.
  2. Breyers Gelato: Does this really need a review? I don't think I've ever met a bad gelato. My favorite was the triple chocolate gelato. Delicious!
  3. Shell Fuel Rewards Card: This was a welcomed surprise. I have been a long time member of a different rewards program for a competing gas station. Not that I want another card to add to my wallet, but I was hoping the more convenient gas stations would jump in the reward card game.
  4. Ivory Soap: Bar soap does not get a lot of use in our house, but I am super eager to try some fun experiments with this soap bar. I'm thinking microwaving our little bar of soap will be the first step and then maybe making soap crayons.
  5. Neosporin Neo To Go: Any parent knows that this is an incredibly useful addition to the diaper bag during skinned knee season. We have already gotten lots of use out of it. It sprays neosporin and dries almost immediately, so there is no greasiness afterwards. My 3 year old can even spray it on her boo-boo all by herself. 
  6. Puffs to Go: No diaper bag is complete without a pack of tissues. I really didn't know the value of always having tissues on hand until I had kids. The summer cold season and the winter cold season and the spring allergies and the fall runny nose weather… point is, a little nose always needs a tissue!

I got all of these product for FREE! You can sign up with or without a blog and wait to get your own free products to try.

Discovering New Products | REVIEWS

Have you heard of influenster.com? I tried it on a whim and I'm loving it. I don't always love reading about product reviews on other blogs, but I love getting free products + it's nice to get a little tangible something back for blogging. So, if you hate reading product reviews, then skip my Saturday posts from now on. And if you want to know more about Influenster, don't hesitate to ask (ps. you don't have to be a blogger to get free stuff from influenster).

This lovely little package showed up on my doorstep shortly after Valentine's day and I immediately stuffed my face with those Hershey's Kisses. After all, who doesn't love chocolate?
I'm not a huge tea drinker, unless you count sweet tea. This Red Rose tea, however, might just replace my coffee once I decide to give up coffee. No sweetener or cream is needed + it still has plenty of caffeine! Crazy delicious!
The Boots Botanics Clay Mask is incredible. It's not thick like other cay masks I've tried, so don't let the name fool you and expect a thick clay consistency. It feels more like soot, not in a bad way. I honestly thought this mask was going to be a flop, but washing it off proved otherwise. As you wash it off, tine grains in the clay act as a scrub and leave your skin silky smooth. It also didn't dry out my skin, so I'd say it's a winner.
The John Frieda Flat Iron Spray is not something that I would ever buy for myself. My hair stays straight after flat ironing on it's own, so I didn't see a big difference. It did help with winter static cling though. Anybody else have trouble with static cling this winter? 
Oh, geez. Those KISS lashes. I tried y'all, but I just don't think we were a good fit. A little bit of concealer and some lip gloss is all I wear on an average day, so trying to apply false lashes was a major process that was ultimately unsuccessful. I'm sure I would have looked amazing with professional make up and lash application, but they did not look right for my everyday mommy uniform. 
Obviously, I don't have a lot to say about the Vaseline Men's Lotion, but John has been using it and I haven't heard any complaints. I actually tried it out first, but it definitely smells like a man. 
Love influenster + Love the free products they send + Love that I get to discover new things that I would have never bought for myself! Seriously, let me know if you want anything about influenster. I am here to help.