A New Home for Little Eggi

After a trial run, I have decided to hold off on the LittleEggi.com website. Until I get things up and running again, I have started LittleEggi.blogspot.com and a store on etsy Etsy.com/shop/LittleEggi. Please check out the blog for updates on the progress and check out Litte Eggi's new etsy store to check out all of the cute bloomers for sale.

If all goes well, Little Eggi's website will be up and running in no time. :) If you have any suggestions / comments / criticisms please feel free to email me at LittleEggiCS@gmail.com. I would really appreciate the feedback!


Yay! I am proud to announce that www.LittleEggi.com is open for business.

I have been working on this little project for a few months and I have finally found enough courage to open my own business. Hopefully, it will be a success! I am currently selling hand-painted baby bloomers, but I hope to soon sell much more. My goal is to become a one stop shop for parents seeking hand-painted baby items from bloomer to onsies and shoes.

I will keep everyone updated on the store's progress. In the meantime, be sure to check out www.LittleEggi.com if you are in the market for any baby gifts or bloomers for your little girl.