When Pigs Fly

I apologize for the awful pictures... some day I will actually learn how to use this fancy camera.  Anywho, I finally did something to our entryway.  Now, it actually looks like somebody has lived here for more than a few weeks.  I can't promise that anything looks complete beyond the foyer, but that's life with a baby for ya.
This was just a quick fix, I hung a series of pictures from our wedding and honeymoon in South Korea.  I even made some DIY artwork.
The Art HeartWork was inspired by several pinterest finds and I LOVE it! Is was super simple too... just just use fabric for the background and cut hearts from map printouts.  I use Seoul - South Korea (where John was born), Raleigh - NC(Where I was born), Charlotte - NC (Where we met), Birmingham - AL (Where we 1st lived), and Durham - NC (Where we live now).  The word art is actually from our 1st dance song.  I love it!
This little area is definitely not finished, but I had to share the little DIY art and, of course, this little guy!  He makes me smile when I pass him on the way to the coffee pot each morning.  I thought about taking a can of spray paint to him, but I have decided that I like him just the way he is right now.

Have you made a simple change that pulled a room together lately?  Have you not put a single thing on the walls yet (even though you have lived in a space for nearly 8 months)?  I am certainly guilty of the latter.

Have a great weekend y'all!

Odd Things in South Korea

'Pocari Sweat' is a popular soda in South Korea. It doesn't really sound too appetizing to me.
We saw this sign all over the highways of South Korea. They must really hate trumpets!
John really wanted me to post this picture... he thought it was hilarious. These drinks were in a few of the hotels to cure hangovers after a big night out on the town. (We did not try it!) Gross!
Ummm... I don't think that anyone has told Korea that Hitler turned the swastika into a symbol of hatred. We saw swastikas all over road signs in Korea. They are still used as religious symbols to mark temple locations here. It was very strange.

California Detour

Happy 4th of July! Okay... I cheated a little and started this post yesterday while we were still in Korea. I know I'm a nerd, but I actually brought some American flags with me to Korea and gave them to some of John's cousins to celebrated America's Independence day! They loved the flags.
We just spent 11 hours on a plane and now have a long layover in San Francisco, California. I have never been to California, so we decided to go to Fisherman's Wharf to see all of the basic tourist sites. Unfortunately, we were dressed for warm North Carolina weather and it was absolutely freezing in San Francisco! After quickly snapping shots of the Golden Gate Bridge & Alcatraz we got in line for the trolley.

The Trolleys were very pretty, but the line was an hour long. When we finally boarded, I was happy to just be out of the cold. Now we're waiting to board our plane headed to North Carolina. I can't wait to finally be home! Well, back to Charlotte... Birmingham is my new home now! :)