A First Aid Kit: Travel Edition

In a few days, my little family will be headed across the country to celebrate the wedding of my sister-in-law. We are all super excited, but I am also dreading the packing process.

Can somebody else just come over and make sure we have packed every single thing we may need? I just know I will forget something essential, like the girls' flower girl dresses.

With a 1 year old and a 3 year old, my packing list is about a mile long. Oh yeah, and we are flying… normally this would be a welcomed change, but I'm so not looking forward to being inside a small space with 2 crazy girls that don't always act like little angels in public. Plus, how am I suppose to pack everything we need into 2 pieces of luggage?! No, really. How?

I figured I would start with something easy and work my way up to packing our main luggage. Without a home base, we will need a stash of first aid items to help mend little boo-boos and soothe tiny tears.

Many of these items are not needed for everyone's travel first aid kit, but they are essential for our travels. Purell and wet wipes are a must for anybody traveling with small children, as are tissues. My oldest has eczema that randomly flares up, so we always travel with some sort of hydrocortisone cream and a thick lotion. Another essential that every parent should carry while traveling is a thermometer and children's tylenol. I have too many extra thermometers from buying one while traveling because somebody gets a fever. I also always throw in adult tylenol because momma always gets a headache while traveling.

Last, but certainly not least, band-aids and neosporin. BONUS: Band-aids can double as stickers to occupy restless toddlers on long plane rides.

Now that that's done… I guess it's time to stop procrastinating and start packing all of our clothes. So many clothes.




I'm on the Juice

Currently, I'm stuffing my face with all things carb and filled with sugar. Okay, not really, but my dreams are filled with doughnuts and cinnamon rolls. Isn't it funny how you start craving certain foods when you're about to go on a diet.
Oh yeah, I should mention that I'm about to go on a diet. And I won't be eating anything for the next week. Not one thing. No, I'm not going to starve. I'm going on the juice. For the next 5 days I will be drinking raw fruits and veggies only. That's it. It's not really a diet or a cleanse, just a little push to reboot my system and get me back on the clean eating path.
Ever since the holidays, I have been making up excuses to indulge in my favorite sweets and breads putting off a sugarless diet until tomorrow. When tomorrow came, I would announce that I would once again cut the sugar out of my diet "tomorrow". I fell of the wagon and then the wagon sped up and I couldn't catch up to hop back on, so I'm hoping this juice reboot is just the thing to get me caught up and clean eating again.
I'm following the 5-Day Juice Reboot by Joe Cross. If you haven't heard of him or juicing, go watch Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead! Incredibly inspiring, at least to me. After watching this the first time, I dramatically cleaned up my diet and cut out sugar. Last night was the second time I saw the documentary and now I am motivated to cut out the sugar once again.
Wish me luck! I'm going to need it… beginning the juice reboot also means I will be ditching coffee for the next 5 days. I might be binging on pots of coffee tonight just to get in my last fix before quitting cold turkey. Just maybe.
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Workin' on my Fitness

Whomp. whomp. I've hit a plateau in the weight department. Sure, I haven't been super strict with my diet lately, but I don't think that's quite what's causing this pause on the scale. I believe it's the whole working out thing.
As in, I need to start working out. For months, I've been kidding myself with "playing with the kids is working out", but it's not. I have been losing weight every month by eating healthy, so I saw no use for adding an extra hour to my day to sweat. I need to get off my lazy butt and start running again or, at least, try a video.
The thing is, I hate working out. It's not really the actual workout that I hate, but all the things that surround working out. I've come up with 5, but there are probably 100 things I hate about working out. Is it just me?
5 things I hate about exercise
Now, I'm off to start my week right by sweating through a workout video. Oh, and I might not get a chance to shower until Tuesday, so I apologize to anyone I run into ahead of time. Smelly, but in great shape. Sounds fantastic.
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