A Trip to the Strawberry Patch

Last week we had a little fun picking strawberries and even more fun filling our bellies. Our trip was not without toddler tantrums and strawberry stained clothes, but we still left happy with lots of strawberries.

Winsley ate half her weight in strawberries right there in the field. That's the


 reason to pick your own strawberries, right?

We ended up with a few bruised strawberries and I will definitely go earlier in the season next time to get the best of the batch (This is the last week for strawberry picking in our area).

It is truly a joy to share this experience with my little ladies and I am so happy that we live so close to so many farms. We even discovered that this very farm (

Page Farms

) will be growing blackberries soon.

My tummy is already growling with anticipation.

What grows in abundance where you live? I am so eager to check out other farms in our area after discovering that blueberry season starts next month!

I'm on the Juice

Currently, I'm stuffing my face with all things carb and filled with sugar. Okay, not really, but my dreams are filled with doughnuts and cinnamon rolls. Isn't it funny how you start craving certain foods when you're about to go on a diet.
Oh yeah, I should mention that I'm about to go on a diet. And I won't be eating anything for the next week. Not one thing. No, I'm not going to starve. I'm going on the juice. For the next 5 days I will be drinking raw fruits and veggies only. That's it. It's not really a diet or a cleanse, just a little push to reboot my system and get me back on the clean eating path.
Ever since the holidays, I have been making up excuses to indulge in my favorite sweets and breads putting off a sugarless diet until tomorrow. When tomorrow came, I would announce that I would once again cut the sugar out of my diet "tomorrow". I fell of the wagon and then the wagon sped up and I couldn't catch up to hop back on, so I'm hoping this juice reboot is just the thing to get me caught up and clean eating again.
I'm following the 5-Day Juice Reboot by Joe Cross. If you haven't heard of him or juicing, go watch Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead! Incredibly inspiring, at least to me. After watching this the first time, I dramatically cleaned up my diet and cut out sugar. Last night was the second time I saw the documentary and now I am motivated to cut out the sugar once again.
Wish me luck! I'm going to need it… beginning the juice reboot also means I will be ditching coffee for the next 5 days. I might be binging on pots of coffee tonight just to get in my last fix before quitting cold turkey. Just maybe.
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Give me a little Sugar

On second thought, don't. 

I've had a headache all day and couldn't pinpoint why I was feeling so bad. It actually felt like I had a slight hangover. The problem was that I hadn't had any alcohol in a week (maybe more). 

What is wrong with me? I must just need more coffee. Maybe it's caffeine withdraw?… but I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee today.

Then it hit me like a pound of - sugar. That was it. The sugar. This weekend has been filled with sinfully sweet doughnuts + soda + lots of bread and rice. It's all no good. And I realize now that all of that junk has left me with maybe a few extra pounds and this dern headache. 

A sugar hangover. All of the symptoms of an alcohol hangover, except I didn't stay up until 2 am dancing those calories away.

So while Sarah is nursing herself back to health after a fun night of drinking with friends, I'll be over here detoxing after a weekend filled with sugary treats.

Why are foods that taste so good always so bad?!

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