Lessons Learned from The Book of Mormon

One of the best Christmas presents I received in 2013 was a ticket to see The Book of Mormon. A night out on the town with John + free babysitting from the grandparents + a little bubbly - I didn't really care what we were seeing, it was already a great night in my book. But, y'all, this musical was pretty awesome.

I was a little nervous that it would be a little too vulgar for my liking after my brother-in-law told us the title of one of the songs, but it was only slightly above my comfort level when it came to vulgarity. 

Pleasantly surprised, I walked away with a few life lessons. The main lesson being, believe what you want to believe and don't worry about what others think about it. Sure, mormonism sounds crazy to me, but it is a religion that makes lots of people happy. And that's really all that matters, right?

I mean, the beginnings of Christianity are just as absurd. And who am I to say that it isn't completely laughable to you. If you look at it from the view of an outsider, you can pick each religion apart and make any follower appear to be insane for believing. I'm not trying to start a religious discussion or offend anyone here. I'm just stating that I walked away from this musical with a feeling that we should all respect each others choice to worship the way they choose + laugh at ourselves every once and a while.

Happy Friday!
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We're Still Lovin' Gangnam Style

While 'What Does a Fox Say' is quickly taking over our Friday Dance Parties, we still can't get enough of Psy and his silly Gangnam Style dance craze. So much so, that I knew it had to be requested at the wedding that we attended this weekend. 

Ellington loved every minute of the attention she got from taking over the dance floor. She instantly struck the 'Gangnam Style' pose when she heard the first few notes of the song and continued dancing late into the night (by late, I mean she passed out as the reception ended at 11). Honestly, I don't know how she had the energy since she woke up at 7 that morning, but it made for a great nights sleep!


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Just Dance

I'm still living in the land of 3am crib parties and 7am wake up calls. Because of this craziness, I'm keeping it sweet and short today with another bit of craziness that is stuck in my head at the moment.
If you have not already seen this video, I apologize in advance if it gets stuck in your head all day. This song is straight cray cray, but we can't get enough of it during our nightly dance parties to shake the sillies out before bedtime. Just go with it + dance!
Ridiculous, right?! It's so insane, but I love it!
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