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Between kiddos, house chores, and making endless future plans with everything, I can't seem to keep my blogging hat on long enough to form a proper post. This weekend was a great refresher. No big relaxing trip or reflection time, just quality time with my mom and little sister and watching my own two little ones grow their own little sister friendship.

A few hours walking around a local art festival was enough to inspire creativity and enliven passion. All while observing the world through little eyes. A sand pit becomes a castle construction site, a public piano becomes a grand piano on center stage, and climbing an art sculpture translates to conquering Mt. Kilimanjaro (which my mom actually did in real life a few months back).

And now a few fun blogs I've designed over the past couple of weeks. Check out these amazing ladies and their awesome blogs.

Abbey at Everyday Champagne has always let do as I please with her blog. She recently decided to branch off from solely food blogging to blogging more about fashion and beauty, so a subtle redesign was in order.

Laura from Sweet Cheeks Photography has a great eye for photography! She captures incredible moments in time during her everyday shenanigans with her two blonde haired cuties.

Sarah from The Baum Squad is a fellow momma with a hilarious daughter and a deliciously chunky baby boy (seriously, this kid puts my daughters' baby rolls to shame). She, like me, blogs about everyday life except she succeeds in her scheduling and consistency far better than I could ever even attempt.

Football FREEBIE | iPhone Wallpaper

Hey y'all! Will you be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday? Not sure if I'll actually be watching the game, but I will be enjoying the company of new friends and neighbors at a Super Bowl party. That counts, right?

Since my team (Carolina Panthers) didn't quite make the cut, I'm cheering for both teams. Yes, I hear you real football fans cringing. Admittedly, I am a horrible football fan. I don't really enjoy watching it, I haven't taken the time to learn even the basics of the game (maybe I should reread a couple of Sarah's recent posts on Venus Trapped in Mars), and I only show a slight interest when the Panthers are playing.

BUT I do love watching other people get so emotional and passionate over the game. I lived in Alabama for a short time, so I know a thing or two about football and passionate fans. I also love how creative fans get with incorporating team colors into outfits and other everyday design.

So here are a couple of team color backgrounds for your iPhone to help spread a little team love. Enjoy! I really hope your team wins.
Super Bowl iPhone Wallpaper | Seattle Seahawks or Denver Broncos #Football #SuperBowl2014
Seattle Seahawks: iPhone4 iPhone5                    Denver Broncos: iPhone4 iPhone5

Happy Super Bowl Weekend!

Venus Trapped in Mars

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