DIY Greeting Cards for Kids

We live in a fantastic neighborhood. The kind of neighborhood where everyone really does know your name and people look out for your house when you're out of town. I hope to live here forever and a day. 

All of our neighbors welcomed us with kind words and treated our little family as though we had lived here for years. I wanted to extend the kindness we felt to the newest members of our neighborhood. A sweet family with 2 adorable little girls. 

Because kids were moving in and I had a 2 year old to entertain, I decided to let Ellington make her own little welcome cards for our new neighbor friends.
DIY Greeting Cards | Toddler Crafts
This idea has endless possibilities. Simply choose a word or phrase and let your little one color away. By the way, the markers we used came from the Kiwi Crate that Ellington got for Christmas.
DIY Greeting Cards | Toddler Crafts
The only tedious part was cutting out the painter's tape. I just cut small strips of painter's tape and stuck them to a blank greeting card to create the word 'Welcome'. 
DIY Greeting Cards | Toddler Crafts
After Ellington announced that her coloring was complete, We peeled off the tape and were left with a colorful + FREE + personal + homemade 'Welcome to the Neighborhood' card for our new neighbors.
DIY Greeting Cards | Toddler Crafts
DIY Greeting Cards | Toddler Crafts
Towards the end of our little art project, Winsley woke up from her nap and wanted to join in on the fun. Of course, older sister Ellington couldn't resist "helping" Winsley color the envelopes to go with the cards.
DIY Greeting Cards | Toddler Crafts
If you need to create a quick note or greeting card or just want to waste a little time with your kiddos, this is a wonderful little project. Considering the cold weather headed our way, I'm considering preparing some thank you cards for Ellington and Winsley to color or maybe even DIY Valentines.

Tons of ideas! Now I just have to get everything prepared in case we're stuck inside all day because of the rain + cold weather.

Do you have a go-to craft for rainy days? Or maybe some kid friendly neighbor gifts? I'd love some more suggestions to add to my craft closet.

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How the Kiwi Crate saved my sanity!

My aunt did one amazing job with Christmas gifts this year. Seriously, her various gifts have been true sanity savers in the short time since Christmas. 
This month has been filled with rainy days and the bone chilling Polar Vortex. In mommyhood terms this means TOO MANY HOURS spent indoors. My bag of tricks is quite large, but even I was on the verge of a meltdown after spending too much time inside. That's when the Kiwi Crate from my Aunt Shelia that had been hidden away for a rainy day made it's appearance.
So thankful. Ellignton had the best time decorating the kaleidoscope with colored stickers. If you don't have a toddler, you should know that stickers are kind of a big deal in the land of toddlers. A seriously BIG deal.
The best part about it all - everything you need for each craft is in the box. No extra parts to buy. No searching around for markers to us. It's all included! If you need a gift for a toddler, just send them one of these Kiwi Crates. Bonus points if you sign them up for more than one box! Parents will love you forever.

Hours of fun were had and my sanity was restored. I even got these neat looking photos of the kaleidoscope images from my iPhone.
Who knew making this little craft would be so much fun for adults too?!

I was not paid or compensated in any way for this post, I just really like the product.

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Top Ten | What to do with Old Toothbrushes

The general rule for toothbrushes is that you should replace them every 3 months… at least that's the rule in my head. However, I am a bit of a hoarder penny pincher and I find it a little hard to toss my toothbrush when it's bristle are still intact. I see you judging me! 
Don't worry, I have now replaced my 6 month oldish toothbrush with this fancy new one. By fancy I mean, it cleans my teeth better with less effort and I am sure that tons of research and all sorts of new technology went into it… but I just know that it cleans my teeth well and I don't feel like I have just had an arm workout after scrubbing my chompers. Love my new toothbrush!

So, now what do I do with my old toothbrush? I have come up with a few simple ideas, so go get a new toothbrush and put these ideas to use with your old one:
  1. Exfoliate your lips.
  2. Repurpose as an eyebrow brush.
  3. Potato scrubber.
  4. Ring / jewelry cleaner.
  5. Scrub brush for your cheese grater.
  6. Scrub your shower drain or faucet or tile grout.
  7. Use to help remove tough stains on clothing.
  8. Remove scuff marks on shoes.
  9. Root touch-up brush for dyed hair.
  10. Use to clean the track of your sliding glass doors.
Just don't use one old toothbrush to do all of these things in this order. :)

This post was brought to you by Colgate #SlimSoft. All opinions are 100% my own.
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