Is it Mid-January Already?

Christmas is over, right? You see, I'm asking because I noticed that there are many houses around my city with full blown Christmas decorations adorning their homes. 
Normally, I wouldn't bat an eye at this, but the sight of multi-colored lights and fully decorated trees in windows have made me more than a little irritated this year. Am I wrong? Do you still have decorations that need to be boxed up?
Oh… r i g h t. My blog is still decorated for Christmas, you say? Umm… The thing is… You see… What had happened was…

I'll redecorate the blog before the month is over, I promise. Maybe.

But really - when is the lat day you should be allowed to have Christmas decorations up without attracting side eye glares from the neighbors?

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An Advent Calendar + An Auction

I few weeks ago I was contacted by Ekubo Ministries to donate an item for their holiday auction from my Etsy shop. I knew exactly what I wanted to donate! 
You see, some moms in my area have been working hard at making felt Jesse tree ornaments for a holiday advent calendar. My creative juices started flowing and I stayed up way too late for a few nights creating some printables to go along with the ornaments for these lovely mommas. I am not selling them in my Etsy shop, but you can get one theough the Ekubo Ministries Holiday Auction - here!
Hurry! The auction ends on Sunday!

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Decorating for the Holiday Season

The weather has been dreary all week with rain and now cooler temperatures, so I feel like winter is well on it's way. It sort of feels like we skipped right over fall, but that's probably me just being dramatic. To go along with the chilly weather, I got the itch to do a little decorating around the blog.  
It's still a work in progress and I'm not in love with certain little parts (like the social media buttons), so don't get too use to this look. 
Suddenly today, I got this burst of energy to create and redesign.  First, it was my living room. You know, completely normal redesigning… like trying to arrange the furniture to accommodate a nonexistent Christmas tree, in October. 
I love the holidays, but I am not one to rush through fall to get to Christmas. I normally cringe when I see Christmas commercials come on so early or hear 'Jingle Bells' anytime before December. However, this year feels different. I'm ready to skip fall and dive right into winter. 
As I'm typing this, I realize that my desire to skip fall this year might be my subconscious wanting to ignore my fall birthday (the big 3-0). Whatever the reason, I'm ready. Ready for the snow (even if it's only a dusting) + ready for boots + ready for scarfs and lots of layers + ready to celebrate lots of winter holidays with our family of 4.

Are you ready for winter already?
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