A bucket List for Your 30s

We are officially old. John and I are now both 30 years old. A house, 2 kids, and a career path… we are grown ups. Doesn't really feel like it, but there is no denying that we are all grown up now. Instead of settling into a life of monotony, I've come up with a list of 30 things I'd like to do over the next 10 year.
  1. Travel to Italy. 
  2. Visit Asia. I'd love to go to Japan or China, but it is more realistic that I will fulfill this goal by visiting South Korea again. Still counts in my book and this time I'll get to experience SK with my daughters.
  3. Attend the Taping of a Show. Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show would be nice. I'd also settle for SNL - maybe when Justin Timberlake was on. Please and thank you very much.
  4. Visit Africa. Any country within the continent will do.
  5. Go on a Safari in Africa. Number 4 & 5 can be knocked out in one trip if I'm lucky.
  6. Visit the Grand Canyon. More specifically, I would really like to cross over the skywalk! Now, that would be one incredible view of the Grand Canyon.
  7. Visit the Sequoia National Forest. And stand at the base of the amazing redwood trees.
  8. Fly in a Hot Air Balloon. Silly, but it's something that I've always wanted to do. It would be an awfully romantic date, but I'll have to find a friend to fly with me because there is no way John will do this.
  9. Go Surfing. I don't really want to 'learn' to surf, just want to try it out. Double points if it's somewhere fun like Hawaii.
  10. Visit the Galapagos Islands. I don't think this one needs any explanation.
  1. Learn another Language. In my case, Korean. I have been putting it off for way too long. It's time to really learn the Korean language, so I can actually have a conversation with my in-laws.
  2. Take a Photography Class. 
  3. Learn to Solve a Rubik's Cube. I'm a big puzzle lover and I've actually solved a Rubik's cube before, but I had the help of the internet so it doesn't really count.
  4. Learn about Wine. I'm a little embarrassed to say out loud that I normally pick my wines by how cute the label looks. I know, I know - don't judge a book by it's cover. I'd really like to learn how to pick out a nice glass of wine without resorting to looks.
  5. Learn How to Garden. Successfully. I do not have a green thumb, sadly. I can't even grow a chia pet. Someday, I'd love to actually grow something.
  6. Take a Cooking Class. Future date night?
  7. Learn to Sew. And actually sew something worthy of gifting. I have a sewing machine, but I am horrible at sewing (can't sew a straight line).
  8. Drive a Motorcycle. I have always had a fascination with Harley Davidsons. I don't want to own one, just take it for a spin.
  9. Learn to do my own Makeup. I'm 30. I should know how to do makeup by now, right?
  10. Learn to Reupholster. Lame, but very useful. Plus, I have a ton of really comfy furniture that just needs a little updating in the fabric department. Doing the reupholstering myself would save much dinero!
  1. Run. I've done two half-marathons, but I think it would be absolutely amazing if I could check marathon off my list in my thirties.
  2. Eat something out of my comfort zone. I'm a picky eater married to a man who will eat anything. He would love it if I adventured out a little, so we could share more foods at restaurants… I'm not thrilled about this one, but it's all about pushing boundaries and living without regrets.
  3. Build a Habitat for Humanity Home. Always wanted to, always had an excuse to delay signing up. In the next ten years, I'd really like to do this.
  4. Find my Style. As one of three girls and a stylish mom, I've mostly relied on hand-me-downs to bulk up my wardrobe. FREE= awesome sauce, am I right? Except, I am wearing a mix of everyone else's style and have yet to discover what looks best on me.
  5. Be Completely out of Debt. I'm talking no house payment, no car payment, no student loans… I'm realistic so I know this is a tall order, but I'm also an optimist.
  6. Leave a Significant Tip. We've all heard those stories of someone leaving a $100 tip on a $20 bill. Well, I'd like to be that someone. Maybe more than once if we have the money to spare.
  7. Find a Job I Love. Isn't this everyone's career goal?
  8. Pay for the car behind me. You know those chains of pay-it-forward backwards? You are in the drive through at Starbucks and pay for the car behind you - that car pays for the car behind it - and so on and so on until the chain is broken. Yeah, I'd like to start one of those.
  9. Throw a Surprise Party. And make sure the guest of honor is completely surprised!
  10. Go Vegan. Just for a month, maybe.

What about you? Do you have anything you would especially like to do in your thirties?

A Thought on Sisters

Sisters are mean. I have two sisters who I love dearly - now. However, we butted heads more often than not in our younger years. I was on both sides of bullying, stealing, name-calling, tattling, sabotage. Sisterhood is a funny thing. We hate each other with great love. And then we grow up. 
“Sisters annoy, interfere, criticize. Indulge in monumental sulks, in huffs, in snide remarks. Borrow. Break. Monopolize the bathroom. Are always underfoot. But if catastrophe should strike, sisters are there. Defending you against all comers.” - Pam Brown
Suddenly, you realize that your fights growing up were hilarious and made for an amazing, story filled childhood. Stories like:
  • That time my sister told me that my grandfather's medicine was bubble gum. Of course, she wanted me to try it first… I spent the rest of the day hugging the toilet.
  • Me: I want to come visit your high school to see what it will be like next year :)  My Older Sister: [Runs off crying]  Me: What? What'd I say… (And then she decided to switch high schools the next year. I am sure it wasn't because I was going to attend her previous high school. )
  • Middle School - High School my older sister would lock her door when she left the house so I couldn't borrow any of her clothes. :(
  • She also accused me of stretching out her clothes that I found a way to steal borrow. How rude!
  • Remember land lines? Do people still have those? Well, my older sister used to answer and pretend she was me when my friends called. So mean.
  • Speaking of mean - My friends and older classmates at my school were deathly afraid of my older sister. I didn't get it, but I kind of loved that I could just say "I'm Malone's little sister" and people would leave me be.
These are all stories of my older sister, Malone. It's her birthday today :) There are about a million more stories I could tell about our torturous reign one my little sister, but that's a post for another day. 

Happy Birthday, Malone!

Anybody have any interesting older sibling stories or were you the bullying big sis?
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Winnie the Pooh | Birthday Party Inspiration

It's hard to believe, but I'm here again. My baby is going to turn ONE in 2 short months. I simply cannot understand how we are here already. I already feel way behind on planning.

If you're unaware, the 1st birthday is a big BIG deal in Korean culture. Read more about my (almost) 3 year old's 1st birthday here (and here on Apartment Therapy).

So far, I have accomplished very little, so I put together a little inspiration board to help me get things started.
Winnie the Pooh | Birthday Party Inspiration
1. Red Velvet Cake  2. Vintage Lace Tablecloths  3. A Rustic Venue
4. The Bee Mighty Organization  5. Winnie the Pooh  6. Honeycomb Decor

It will be a Winnie the Pooh + Vintage + Rustic themed party. Now comes the hours of DIY and list making… I'll fill you in on all of the homemade projects as soon as I dust off the burlap shreds and climb out of the craft closet.

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