A Trip to the Strawberry Patch

Last week we had a little fun picking strawberries and even more fun filling our bellies. Our trip was not without toddler tantrums and strawberry stained clothes, but we still left happy with lots of strawberries.

Winsley ate half her weight in strawberries right there in the field. That's the


 reason to pick your own strawberries, right?

We ended up with a few bruised strawberries and I will definitely go earlier in the season next time to get the best of the batch (This is the last week for strawberry picking in our area).

It is truly a joy to share this experience with my little ladies and I am so happy that we live so close to so many farms. We even discovered that this very farm (

Page Farms

) will be growing blackberries soon.

My tummy is already growling with anticipation.

What grows in abundance where you live? I am so eager to check out other farms in our area after discovering that blueberry season starts next month!

Busy Bee + Design Updates

Between kiddos, house chores, and making endless future plans with everything, I can't seem to keep my blogging hat on long enough to form a proper post. This weekend was a great refresher. No big relaxing trip or reflection time, just quality time with my mom and little sister and watching my own two little ones grow their own little sister friendship.

A few hours walking around a local art festival was enough to inspire creativity and enliven passion. All while observing the world through little eyes. A sand pit becomes a castle construction site, a public piano becomes a grand piano on center stage, and climbing an art sculpture translates to conquering Mt. Kilimanjaro (which my mom actually did in real life a few months back).

And now a few fun blogs I've designed over the past couple of weeks. Check out these amazing ladies and their awesome blogs.

Abbey at Everyday Champagne has always let do as I please with her blog. She recently decided to branch off from solely food blogging to blogging more about fashion and beauty, so a subtle redesign was in order.

Laura from Sweet Cheeks Photography has a great eye for photography! She captures incredible moments in time during her everyday shenanigans with her two blonde haired cuties.

Sarah from The Baum Squad is a fellow momma with a hilarious daughter and a deliciously chunky baby boy (seriously, this kid puts my daughters' baby rolls to shame). She, like me, blogs about everyday life except she succeeds in her scheduling and consistency far better than I could ever even attempt.

Where's my business trip?!

This entire week, I'm home alone with my girls. I'm totally fine with it and things have gone remarkably smooth until yesterday happened. The day started out great with a trip to the museum… and then it quickly got worse. 
The 3 year old missed her daddy and got very upset when I told her that she was wrong, he would not be coming home tomorrow. You know the day is not going to get any better when you start seriously arguing with a 3 year… and it looks like your losing.
Then the nearly 1 year old wouldn't leave my side like a monkey attached to the back of it's momma. Normally, I would mind her clingy tendencies, but things change a bit when your significant other isn't home to help with dinner or cleaning up.
Where's the conference for Stay-at-home moms? Let's start that | Kimchi & Sweet Tea
The day ended with me attempting to put the baby down 3 times before she finally settled down in her crib. Oh, and the toddler. The toddler. Without warning, she burst into tears at dinner because I gave her yogurt. I thought it would be a nice treat, but it was daddy's yogurt and she suddenly remembered that he wasn't home.
You may be wondering why I'm a single parent this week - Well, my husband is away at some fancy resort for a conference. Or so he says. I'm a bit skeptical because all he has talked about so far has been all of the fancy restaurant food he is eating. You know, the type of restaurants where you don't dare take kids. 
This got me thinking - Where's the conference for stay at home moms? Sure, I could plan a trip, but I'd have to pay for that myself. I'm going to need a conference where I can get my hotel + meals funded fully. There's a grant for this type of thing, right? All of the stay at home moms could travel to some fancy resort to learn about being a stay at home mom during the day and sleep a full 8 hours at night + eat a meal without being rushed + shower in peace. Please tell me that this dream conference exists.
If not, I'll have to plan it during my free time. Haha. Free time. We'll have lots of that during my conference. Who's with me?