DIY Greeting Cards for Kids

We live in a fantastic neighborhood. The kind of neighborhood where everyone really does know your name and people look out for your house when you're out of town. I hope to live here forever and a day. 

All of our neighbors welcomed us with kind words and treated our little family as though we had lived here for years. I wanted to extend the kindness we felt to the newest members of our neighborhood. A sweet family with 2 adorable little girls. 

Because kids were moving in and I had a 2 year old to entertain, I decided to let Ellington make her own little welcome cards for our new neighbor friends.
DIY Greeting Cards | Toddler Crafts
This idea has endless possibilities. Simply choose a word or phrase and let your little one color away. By the way, the markers we used came from the Kiwi Crate that Ellington got for Christmas.
DIY Greeting Cards | Toddler Crafts
The only tedious part was cutting out the painter's tape. I just cut small strips of painter's tape and stuck them to a blank greeting card to create the word 'Welcome'. 
DIY Greeting Cards | Toddler Crafts
After Ellington announced that her coloring was complete, We peeled off the tape and were left with a colorful + FREE + personal + homemade 'Welcome to the Neighborhood' card for our new neighbors.
DIY Greeting Cards | Toddler Crafts
DIY Greeting Cards | Toddler Crafts
Towards the end of our little art project, Winsley woke up from her nap and wanted to join in on the fun. Of course, older sister Ellington couldn't resist "helping" Winsley color the envelopes to go with the cards.
DIY Greeting Cards | Toddler Crafts
If you need to create a quick note or greeting card or just want to waste a little time with your kiddos, this is a wonderful little project. Considering the cold weather headed our way, I'm considering preparing some thank you cards for Ellington and Winsley to color or maybe even DIY Valentines.

Tons of ideas! Now I just have to get everything prepared in case we're stuck inside all day because of the rain + cold weather.

Do you have a go-to craft for rainy days? Or maybe some kid friendly neighbor gifts? I'd love some more suggestions to add to my craft closet.

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A little Sunday Giveaway!

Checking in on a Sunday to announce a fun giveaway put together by the lovely Chelsea, who blogs over at Lost in Travels - she's a blogger friend that is pretty awesome, so you should definitely check out her blog. In fact, this giveaway includes ladies that are all pretty awesome!

And on to the giveaway! Enjoy. 

The season of 'GO GO GO' is upon us, so why not GO in style? That's why I've teamed up with some very lovely ladies to give away one ONA Bowery Canvas camera bag, Little Miss Gee camera strap and a Starbucks gift card (because we all know coffee is needed when we go anywhere.) These are such great bags to carry all of your camera gear in without screaming 'tourist' wherever you go! Enter below for your chance to win and spread the word!

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Quick Notes from the Week

Dearest Winsley
I sure do love you and I think it's awesome that you have learned to flip yourself over. However, I would really appreciate it if you would kindly stop waking me up at all hours of the night to show off your new skills. 

Dear Mother Nature, 
I know I was complaining for the last few weeks about all of this rain, but you are now making me miss that darn rainy weather. This heat is just too much for me and my two little girls to handle. Can't we come to a happy compromise, so that I can enjoy the outdoors with my kiddos at some point during this summer. 
Thanks in Advance, 

Hey Coconut Oil!
You are pretty much the best thing ever! I love that you are always up for anything (cooking, baby moisturizer, face wash). Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate our friendship. :)

And because I love the way Jimmy Fallon writes his Friday letters. . .