It's all about the hair!

Like so many others out there, I watched the Oscars last night. Unlike all you other people, I did not see one movie nominated for an Oscar. Not. One. That's the price of motherhood. Of course, we very well could have hired a babysitter, but there really wasn't a movie out last year that I just had to see. Instead of waiting on the edge of my seat to hear the next winner, I participated in Ellen's epic selfie retweet and admired the amazing fashions of the night.
I especially noted hairstyles of the night. If my hair would only curl like that on it's own. A girl can dream. Well, it's been a year (maybe 2) since I have gotten my hair cut. Not because I don't have the time or the funds, but because I haven't really found a great salon. Does anybody else have this problem?
You should trust the professionals, right? I mean, they went to school for this. I know nothing about what haircut looks best with my face shape, so I always walk into a salon and ask for a cut that fits me. Then, I always walk out with the same haircut, but much shorter. Maybe that's the style that fits my face? I doubt it. Forever and a day I have gone through periods of chopping off my hair and spending the next year growing it back out only to shop it off again right before summer. 
Well, I have finally made an appointment at a highly recommended salon where I hope they can work their magic. I love the Oscar hairstyles above, but not sure if they're right for me. I know you're all eager to see the new do', so don't forget to follow me on instagram for a first look at what I decide to do with my hair. Maybe I'll just get fed up with it all and cut it real short like Lupita Nyong'o. Then again, I could never pull off that dress, so I probably wouldn't be able to pull off that hair either. Anybody else fall in love with her over that speech?
I would love tips on getting a great haircut. And just because I'm so relieved that my 3 year old finally let us cut her hair, I'll leave you with her fresh new do'. She was seriously afraid to cut her hair for months (she thought it would hurt), but she suddenly decided that she wanted to chop it off over the weekend.
Now, I see that she did look just a tad bit scraggly with hair that long + keeping all that hair tangle free was quite a chore. It's crazy how much a simple haircut can change your whole look.
Happy Hairday Monday! What was your favorite Oscar hair style?