Let Life Surprise You

Let life surprise you with everyday moments of joy | Kimchi & Sweet Tea
It is a moment like this that makes all of the rough days of motherhood fade away. Yesterday, was one of those perfect days when nothing can bring you down. 
We were all up early + I got lost on the way to get breakfast + the baby didn't take a morning nap + the house remained a mess… but it was an amazingly perfect day. Warm spring like weather in the middle of February kept us outside soaking up the sun all day and I found myself free of worries, just enjoying the moment.
Somewhere along the journey into adulthood, I forgot to live for today. I often worry and stress over what tomorrow's schedule brings, carrying burdens that don't really have any merit instead of enjoying the life that is going on with or without my presence. 
I strive to be more like these two little ladies living for the now and forgiving freely. We should all strive to be a little more present today. A little time outdoors (with the technology put away) can do a world of good, lift your spirits + rejuvenate your soul. 
So, put down that smartphone and spend at least 15 minutes today really connecting with the people around you. Listen, really listen.