Winnie the Pooh | Birthday Party Inspiration

It's hard to believe, but I'm here again. My baby is going to turn ONE in 2 short months. I simply cannot understand how we are here already. I already feel way behind on planning.

If you're unaware, the 1st birthday is a big BIG deal in Korean culture. Read more about my (almost) 3 year old's 1st birthday here (and here on Apartment Therapy).

So far, I have accomplished very little, so I put together a little inspiration board to help me get things started.
Winnie the Pooh | Birthday Party Inspiration
1. Red Velvet Cake  2. Vintage Lace Tablecloths  3. A Rustic Venue
4. The Bee Mighty Organization  5. Winnie the Pooh  6. Honeycomb Decor

It will be a Winnie the Pooh + Vintage + Rustic themed party. Now comes the hours of DIY and list making… I'll fill you in on all of the homemade projects as soon as I dust off the burlap shreds and climb out of the craft closet.

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