Underprepared + Over Prepared | Southern Snow

It finally snowed yesterday! The weatherman forecasted snow to start at noon and it didn't start snowing in my area until around 7. A little late for a photoshoot, but we will makeup for that today with 100s of snow day pictures.

After telling Ellington that the snow was on it's way hour after hour with no flurries making their appearance, I was more than a little disappointed in the local weatherman and the drama surrounding an epic snow event that didn't appear to be happening. Grouchy and jaded, I was underwhelmed when the snow finally showed up.

Then, I started perusing Facebook like I normally do before bed (bad habit, I know). One post from an old teacher friend caught my eye. She teachers in Atlanta and started posting little rants about the school system's delayed reaction to the snow. I noted that, yes, the school system made a mistake and should have released school earlier, but moved on. 

Around 8, I read another post from this teacher friend where she notified the Facebook world that it was a lot worse than inconveniences of a little traffic and staying a bit later. The students were being fed dinner and teachers were informed that they were in it for the long haul - meaning they would be spending the night. with their stranded students. at school. 

I cannot even imagine! The frustrated parents, who are unable to get to their children. The frustrated teachers, who are still comforting their students after what I am sure has already been a very trying day. 

I just don't understand. With all of the technology and prediction tools we have today. How could this happen?

On the other hand, our school system made the decision to release kids 3 hours early. Many parents complained about releasing kids when no snow was in sight (I count myself in this even though my girls are too young for school - I still contributed to the whining). We were over prepared. I now see that as a great trait in my school system.

I would much rather be over prepared and have my kids safely at home with no snow all day. The alternative is what you will all read about today in places like Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL. A school system unprepared for the inclement whether and incredible stories of selfless teachers + school staff acting as surrogate moms and dads to stranded kids until they are safely with their parents. 

Teachers are amazing and, in my opinion, way underpaid for all that they do for our kids.

Over prepared. Always. You won't hear anymore complaining about that here.

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