Top Ten Posts of 2013

Well, hello there 2014. 

Before I dive right into the new year, I figure I should look back on the most visited posts of 2013. This past year has been a big step into the blogging pool for me and I responded by jumping off the high dive and then quickly clinging on to the side of the pool. 

Blogging can be a funny thing. Especially when you catalog your life for years on your blog and then suddenly realize that hundreds of people out there are reading what you type. Yes, blogging can be a funny, crazy thing.

Embracing change does not come easily to me, but I was excited to see my blog grow and discover a wonderful community of blogging ladies in 2013 and I look forward to writing many more posts in the new year.
Top Post 1-10 from Left to Right

To that I say, Bring On 2014!

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