Operation Get Fit 2014

It's that time of year again. The time when everyone decides that all of the gluttony during the holidays was not such a great idea. Everyone's dieting. Everyone's joining a gym or starting a new workout video.
Operation Get Fit
Fine. I'll jump on that wagon.

If I absolutely must, I might as well drag y'all along for the ride. Yes, I'm protesting my journey back to the healthy side of eating. You see, I love how I feel when I'm eating healthy and getting active. BUT I also love everything about the comfort of really unhealthy sweets in the moment. Instant gratification is my downfall.

The transitioning is the difficult part for me, but I'm going all in. I'm even joining Sarah every other week here in blogland to help keep myself on track (love her blog, btw. You should go read it now!). Here's to strawberry-kale smoothies and avoiding temptations!

Anybody have suggestions or plans to follow? I'd love to hear how you are planning to transition into healthier habits this year.
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