Give me a little Sugar

On second thought, don't. 

I've had a headache all day and couldn't pinpoint why I was feeling so bad. It actually felt like I had a slight hangover. The problem was that I hadn't had any alcohol in a week (maybe more). 

What is wrong with me? I must just need more coffee. Maybe it's caffeine withdraw?… but I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee today.

Then it hit me like a pound of - sugar. That was it. The sugar. This weekend has been filled with sinfully sweet doughnuts + soda + lots of bread and rice. It's all no good. And I realize now that all of that junk has left me with maybe a few extra pounds and this dern headache. 

A sugar hangover. All of the symptoms of an alcohol hangover, except I didn't stay up until 2 am dancing those calories away.

So while Sarah is nursing herself back to health after a fun night of drinking with friends, I'll be over here detoxing after a weekend filled with sugary treats.

Why are foods that taste so good always so bad?!

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