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Hey y'all! Will you be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday? Not sure if I'll actually be watching the game, but I will be enjoying the company of new friends and neighbors at a Super Bowl party. That counts, right?

Since my team (Carolina Panthers) didn't quite make the cut, I'm cheering for both teams. Yes, I hear you real football fans cringing. Admittedly, I am a horrible football fan. I don't really enjoy watching it, I haven't taken the time to learn even the basics of the game (maybe I should reread a couple of Sarah's recent posts on Venus Trapped in Mars), and I only show a slight interest when the Panthers are playing.

BUT I do love watching other people get so emotional and passionate over the game. I lived in Alabama for a short time, so I know a thing or two about football and passionate fans. I also love how creative fans get with incorporating team colors into outfits and other everyday design.

So here are a couple of team color backgrounds for your iPhone to help spread a little team love. Enjoy! I really hope your team wins.
Super Bowl iPhone Wallpaper | Seattle Seahawks or Denver Broncos #Football #SuperBowl2014
Seattle Seahawks: iPhone4 iPhone5                    Denver Broncos: iPhone4 iPhone5

Happy Super Bowl Weekend!

Venus Trapped in Mars

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