Dreaming of a New Season

It is cold here. It's cold all over and I am stuck indoors with two kids under 3 dreaming of a new season. A season that's warm and allows outdoor time of more than 20 minutes. Museum visits, spraygrounds, walks around our lovely neighborhood. I want it all and this polar vortex weather is really testing my patience.
Surely, I will be yearning for days spent indoors by the fire once the heat and humidity become unbearable in late summer, but in this moment I am completely over winter. 

It's a constant battle each season to enjoy what winter or summer has to offer. Spring and Fall are excluded because, well, they are perfect. Transitions to help us adjust from one extreme to another. Living in the transitions. I'm good in transitions.

All just thoughts in my head trying to figure out how to be satisfied with this season, right now. Living in the moment for better or worse. It's a struggle. And somehow these ramblings and daydreaming makes it easier not to dream of a new season.

What about you? Are you better in the transitions or the extremes?

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