A Little Naptime Spa Day

Hi there, friends.

Are you shocked?! I'm making an appearance 3 days in a row. On a Saturday, no less. I know, I'm just as surprised as you are. I guess I've got a little bit of my blogging mojo back.

Some of this renewed blogging energy is probably due to my recent at-home spa day. I don't have a lot of free time away from the kiddos, so I fit my relaxation time in during the rare moments when both of my girls are napping at the same time.

One unusually warm day in December, this little miracle occurred. I found myself with two sleeping kids and a box full of goodies.
DIY Spa Day
The perfect ingredients for a 30 minute Spa Day... because busy moms have to fit in their relaxation time between naptime and cleaning up the unbelievable mess that two girls under 3 can make.

A comfortable headband to keep the hair out of your mud mask, but goes with your mom uniform in case you forget to you have it in your hair. The aforementioned mud mask. I especially loved this one because it was more of a mud infused paper mask (all of the skin benefits without the mess).

Bonus points if you have time to paint your nails! I only had a chance to get one coat done before the littlest one woke up, but it looked great… for a few hours. Maybe I should have taken the time to add a top coat?

If you do remember to take the headband out of your hair, you can easily spritz it up with a little dry shampoo. We all know that it's probably been a week since your hair has seen real shampoo (only a fellow momma can truly understand what it's like to have no memory of when your last shower was). 

And no spa day is complete without a nutritious treat; however, I was not a big fan of this product. I usually find most SOYJOY snack to be quite delicious, but this one just didn't excite my taste buds. Disappointing, but at least I actually had time to try it during my naptime spa day.

What about you? Any mommas out there have a go to relaxation routine when naptime comes around?

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