A Fresh Green Smoothie

With this cold weather, I just want to stay indoors by the fire and eat carbs all day. Cold weather doesn't exactly scream salads, am I right?

To get more of the green stuff in my diet and to keep my little ones busy, I'm forcing myself to get back on the green smoothie train. My go to recipes for green smoothies can be found here.

Unfortunately, I'm not really clear on whether or not almond milk is safe for baby, so I'm avoiding it to be on the safe side. Lately, we've been making smoothies for the entire family (baby included) and this is our new go to:
Green Smoothie Recipe without Milk
Do you have any veggie rich recipes that you crave during the cold months? I'd love to add some tasty veggies to my stack of go-to recipes.

Stay warm y'all! And drink all your veggies :)

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