The Multitasking Momma

  1. The insane ability to pick any object up with your feet.
  2. Negotiating with terrorist toddlers under highly intense situations.
  3. Knowing every single word to 100 kid songs and being able to sing them all at a moments notice.
  4. Speaking of singing… Ability to turn any request into a song.
  5. Ability to survive a week with ONE 3 minute shower and very little sleep.
  6. Extremely good hearing.
  7. Ability to creatively disguise vegetables in toddler meals.
  8. Bilingual and most parents can also claim to be trilingual with most toys now offering a Spanish option. What? Toddlerease totally counts as a language.
  9. Master scheduler! Even if your little one has not joined any activities or isn't "on a schedule", you are still responsible for daily naps + feedings on top of feeding yourself + shopping + cleaning etc.
  10. The power to persuade… without a doubt, moms have mastered the power of persuasion. How else do you think a mom goes to the store without buying every toy in sight?!

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