Getting Unstuck

I want to run. 
Just get out without a destination or a time limit.
I've been feeling stuck lately. Stuck in my eating habits. Stuck in my routine. Stuck in the monotony of being a stay at home mom. Stuck in fears of failing with new ventures. Stuck in what seems like an endless stream of need-to-be-answered emails and a to do list that never gets done. Just stuck. And it's not fun.
I just want to run away for a few hours and come back to a new day with no evidence of unaccomplished tasks or failures. An organized home. An empty inbox. A clean slate.
Surely, many stay at home (or working) moms can sympathize with what I'm feeling. No matter how supportive or helpful your spouse tries to be, the housework and childcare mostly gets dropped into the mother's pile of things to do, to worry over. We (moms) put ourselves last and this train of thought is not easily undone.  
I yearn for the day when I can feel less guilty about putting me first. Even typing it out makes me feel guilty and most of that guilt ties into judgement of others. This mom club that I put myself in can be a judgey bunch. I often can feel the judging eyes of other moms burning through my back as I say something or do something that they don't approve of… shouldn't we be sticking up for each other instead of reveling in other moms struggles?
I sick of being stuck! I'm done with it. Just done. 
It's time to break through from this ho-hum cycle and spread positivity in my little corner of the internets (and in real life too).
If you 'stuck' with me this far (see what I did there), thanks for listening to me rant and feel free to speak up if you think I'm sinking back into a negative tone on this little blog. :)
Getting Unstuck. A little reminder to make the shift to Happiness from #Ellen
Happy Monday!
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