We've Lost Our Marbles

No, we haven't gone crazy… or maybe we have. Kids tend to make you go crazy no matter how hard you try to hold on to your sanity, but it's all worth it! Some of my favorite people are crazy. Hi, Mom! :) Just kidding. My mom is actually the normal one of the family.
We decided to brave the weekend crowds and head to our local children's museum this weekend, aptly named Marble (I wrote about our first visit to this museum here). But first, we headed to a favorite Charlotte lunch spot that has made it's way to Raleigh! 
Love the food! Love the atmosphere! Love the name: Cowfish! I can't get enough of this place and Ellington certainly enjoys the delicious food.
After eating, we headed to the museum where Ellington acted like a kid in a candy store museum made just for kids. We practically had to pry her fingers off of the walls to get her to leave.
Winsley, however, was not very impressed by the place.
How was your weekend?