Living without Cable TV

We haven't had cable for the last 2 ½ years (with the exception of a short period of time when my sister-in-law was living with us). My husband may feel a little differently than I do, but I honestly don't miss it one bit. I'll admit that it was a bit difficult to give up some addicting reality TV, but I quickly got over that as my time filled up with all things baby. 

Yes, we still have a TV and watch it regularly. In fact, I get all of the channels included in a basic cable package for FREE. ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS (a must with kiddos) - we are able to watch them all for free! 

So, for today's Top Ten Tuesday, here's my list of how we do cable-free TV:
How to watch TV without cable

  1. Get an antenna. The old rabbit ear antennas will work perfectly fine, but there are much more discrete options out there now. We have a flat antenna, called the Mohu Leaf. It blends right into our white walls, but you can also hide it right behind a photo or painting.
  2. Hulu. Any shows I miss can be watched (for FREE) on Hulu. There's no need to pay money for  Hulu Plus. CBS shows aren't on Hulu though. :(
  3. Watch Online. Okay, so technically this covers #2 also, but it's my list & I do what I want. :) For any CBS shows or others not on Hulu, I just go to their website and the shows are normally up within a week.
  4. Amazon Prime. So this one costs money, but it's minimal and we had it anyway because we order so much from Amazon (can't live without my favorite coffee).  I actually didn't realize that you could stream movies + TV shows from Amazon Prime until recently.
  5. Netflix. We also pay for Netflix, but I don't watch it too often. It's used more by John and once a week during family movie night.
  6. Apple TV... or another way stream video on your TV. This is key to fully enjoying Netflix or Hulu Plus. It's nice to see things on the big screen (as opposed to your computer screen) whenever you want.
  7. Watch Sports at a Restaurant. Sure, it's not always ideal, but you can see any game / match / event for the price of a dinner that you don't have to cook. That's a win win in my book.
  8. Buy Instant Downloads. Even before we dropped cable, this was on my list. Just buy the last season of your latest obsession and let the binge watching begin.
  9. Redbox. With lots of websites offering free movie codes for red box (like this one), you can enjoy a movie that's not offered on your other services.
  10. When all else fails, go to a friends house and watch their cable. :)
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