Weekly Wishes | Running

Before I get into my wishes for this week, let me give a little update on last week's weekly wish. No, I didn't exactly accomplish this goal, but I did get a kid break that helped to recharge the batteries. My incredibly helpful mom took care of the girls for a few hours while I attended a bridal shower and continued to keep us all entertained on Saturday (even though she wasn't feeling 100%). I love my girls, but sometimes a few hours away from them can do amazing things for my energy levels. 
I'm still sleep deprived, but it's getting better and I know that this will not last forever. 
This week, my wish is to get running! John and I are both signing up to run an 8k in November, so I really need to jump on the workout train. The plan is to run three times a week without the kiddos. A little mommy break + workin' on my fitness = win win, right? 
Gotta run - literally. :)
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