Weekly Wishes #4

The Nectar Collective
It turns out I am kind of failing miserably at sprucing up my etsy shop because I didn't do anything with it again last week. This is good news though! I know what you're thinking. . . failure = good news? Yes. Through another week of failure, I have realized that I am seriously lacking inspiration right now. I didn't really realize how much this short season of baby-induced sleepless nights has zapped my creative brain until I tried to sit down and put together a few prints for my sister. My brain couldn't put together fonts or colors. I was even struggling with word arrangement. 

So, this week's wish will be to get creative!

I am determined to do something each day this week to get creative and hopefully get inspired by some of this creativity. Last week's wish (and the week before that) has now become my month of August wish. I'll accomplish it - little by little. 

Now, I just have to rest my brain enough to figure out what creative things I can get my hands dirty with this week.
Linking up with the lovely Melyssa from The Nectar Collective again for Weekly Wishes
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