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Did you miss me last week? I'm sure most of you have lives of your own and barely noticed that I didn't post anything last week. Regardless, I'm back! Hello again blogworld. :)  Lack of sleep (see here and here) is a major part of why I was absent, but I also snuck away from the keyboard to reclaim part of my sanity…  

... I maybe went and got myself a job. 

It sounds crazy that reclaiming my sanity equals getting a job, but any stay at home momma will agree that taking care of your own kiddos all day every day can make you, well, crazy. I'll talk more about this job thing in a few weeks. For now, I'll leave you with my Top Ten things to do when preparing for your 1st interview in 3 years.

How to Ace Your Interview
  1. Refresh your resumé. I don't mean just adding new information or updating your address. Redo the entire thing and adapt the wording / skills to each specific job to which you are applying. It takes some extra time, but your efforts will be well rewarded with this tip.
  2. Dress to Impress. My grandmother is one funny lady and often says things unfiltered, but her advice usually comes with a little bit of truth behind it. One thing she taught me is that it's always better to be overdressed for any occasion! God really doesn't care if you wear jeans to church on Sunday, but there I am trying to find my church clothes in the closet each Sunday. The same goes for an interview. Sure, working for the local grocery store does not require a suit, but you should dress up anyway and maybe they'll think you're there for an executive position instead. :)
  3. Research the Company. As soon as you find a job that you think you'll like, start researching! Know everything about the company. Not just to prepare for the interview, but also to find out if you think you'll really enjoy working there. 
  4. Know your Product. Every job contains some sort of sales aspect. Find out what 'product' you will be selling and get to know it. It could be actual sales of a tangible item or maybe you'll be selling an idea (think motivational speaker). Whatever it is - make sure you know the product / market / competitors. 
  5. Be Prepared to Sell Yourself. You will most definitely get asked the question 'Why should we hire you?' in some form. So, answer that question before the interview and make them want to hire you on the spot. 
  6. Bring Samples of your Work. Not every job requires you to show your past work, but bring something anyway (if you have work to show). Even if you don't think it is relevant, there might be an opportunity to show off your work and wiggle your way into your dream job. 
  7. Write out Your Answers. This goes along with number 5. Research questions that the interviewer might ask and then write out your answers. Going over the potential questions and your answers before the interview can help you remember what to say in all the nervousness of your actual interview. 
  8. Ask Questions. While you're researching the company and job position, write down any questions you have. If you draw a blank during the interview, you can always pull out your notebook to remind yourself of what you wanted answered before taking the job. 
  9. Get Excited! That's right. Appearing excited about the position you are applying for can really benefit you during an interview. You should be genuinely excited and show it by maybe presenting some big ideas that you would bring to the position. It will show that you are passionate and eager to start working for the company. 
  10. Follow Up. Send a thank you note or email the next day. Emails are completely acceptable in today's techy world, but it couldn't hurt to drop a note in the mail along with your email. 
Good luck job hunters! :)

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