Top Ten Tuesday | Happiness

Monday night was a rough one. An overtired toddler and a fully awake baby made for a tear-filled bedtime. Y'all, I'll be real. Monday was just one of those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days! Although I'm dreading the day ahead for fear of another awful day, I'm trying hard to be positive and start off on the right foot. So, I'm looking for the happy spots in my day. 
Happiness (to me) is. . . 
  1. a good cup of coffee. One of those elusive cups of coffee that I get to enjoy in it's entirety without warming it back up in the microwave is especially nice. 
  2. a toddler running down the hallway and yelling "It's wake up time, Mommy!" I would welcome an extra 5 minutes of sleep, but I do love her enthusiasm for the morning and I hope this means that I won't have to drag her out of bed when she starts school in the future. 
  3. chubby baby faces. Who doesn't love fat babies (besides Lyle Lovett)?
  4. coloring. My daughter much prefers taking the paper off of her crayons and then breaking them all to coloring in her coloring books, so I relax and use broken crayons to color while she's busy making a mess. 
  5. taking a walk outside. With the distractions of today's technology, a nice walk through our neighborhood usually means peace and quiet. Bonus points for seeing our neighbors and starting a friendly conversation. 
  6. the convenience of a digital camera. Sometimes, I hate technology. Then, the digital camera makes me fall in love with all of the simple advances we've made. Instant gratification at it's finest. 
  7. having a dance party in the middle of the day. This tradition will continue until my daughters are aware that my dance skills should be an embarrassment. Until that day, I'll continue to rock out to the 90's greatest pop hits. 
  8. seeing my girls bond as sisters. Having 2 sisters of my own, I know all about the instant friendship you gain with a sister. My girls love each other deeply already and my heart smile each time Ellington runs to comfort her crying sister or Winsley laughs hysterically at her big sister. 
  9. seeing life's everyday miracles through the eyes of a child + learning something new each day. It's been a long time since I've stopped to think about the amazement of a plane flying in the sky or the simple task cooking dinner. My toddler is constantly questioning 'Why?' - which can be annoying until I pause and think. . . I don't know 'why'. 
  10. hugs and kisses from two adorable little ladies all day long.
What brings you happiness everyday?

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