Weekly Wishes

With 3 weeks of nonstop rain and now unbearable heat, it has been a rough month in mommyhood. Entertaining a toddler comes pretty easy to me, but I have been getting stressed and frustrated with the everyday monotony of entertaining a toddler without stepping foot outdoors for a break. There is no playing in the rain or fun with mud because all of the recent storms have come with lightning and heat + babies do not exactly make for a happy outing.

I may or may not have had a mini tantrum of my own when I struggled through the day on little sleep and one too many toddler tantrums. These two little ladies fill my entire heart with joy, but lately I have been losing my patience way too easily and not handling each situation with care or understanding.

So, my weekly wish is this: Don't overreact. I wish that I will take each stress filled moment in the day and take a step back before acting. I just need to take one moment to breath and I will realize that a toddler covered in ink is not the end of the world and that she is truly doing her best to 'help' mommy with her sister everyday - even if most of her helping ends up disrupting a baby's nap. If daddy happens to come home to a wreck of a home and dinner still uncooked, we will all survive.

Also, wine doesn't hurt.

The Nectar Collective