Weekly Wishes #2

On last week's weekly wishes post, I was blown away by all of the support I received in the comments + twitter from this community on the internet. Seriously, I needed the village to help out raising my two little ones last week. I was just off my game all week and, as a momma, you normally don't get a break to recompose yourself. 

Thankfully, I had you guys and my momma made a trip up here to save the day on Thursday. It was an amazing, family filled weekend with no time to rest, but it was just what I needed to recharge the batteries and keep myself from overreacting to the little stresses of mommyhood. Not overreacting is something I need to keep in mind on the daily since I'm currently the stay-at-home to two very independent little ladies. 

Last week started out rough, but it was definitely a success!

This week, my weekly wish is to get my behind in gear and spruce up my etsy shop. It's pretty much bare bones right now. Unfortunately, I've been neglecting my poor little shop for the past couple months. This week though, that will change! I am determined to add many more prints and start taking things a bit more seriously. 

Now I'm off to go make this happen! Happy Monday!

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