Toddler Photoshoot FAIL

Last week, I was taking a few shots for Winsley's weekly picture project and decided to turn it into a little Independence Day photoshoot. I just needed one good shot of my two girls in their red, white, and blue outfits. Sounds so simple, but getting 2 kiddos to smile and look into the camera at the same time can be quite challenging. This is the photo I ended up using for my 4th of July post:
Not bad. However, this is not the original photo. Normally, I would never photoshop my girls. They are perfect the way they are and photoshopping the fat rolls and chubby chins of children is just weird (in my opinion). This situation called for some photo trickery though after Ellington decided to act like a typical 2 year old - how dare she! Here is the original photo:
A certain little toddler looks a bit too evil for a post celebrating America, but this was the best of the bunch. What's a momma to do? I just photoshopped a face from a different photo on to this one. Professional photographers use this little trick all of the time for group photos.

I'm not a huge fan of changing out baby faces every time my toddler decides to act like a toddler during a photoshoot, so if anybody has any tips for photographing kids - I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW!! Seriously. It's getting harder to the 2 year old to stay still and focus on one task at a time.

Just to show you that this really was the best of the bunch, here are a few of the many outtakes from our Independence Day photoshoot:
Photoshoots with the two of them might be nonexistent for a while. Either until Ellington outgrows this phase to constantly move or until I learn how to use my camera, so I can snap the picture without getting a blurry toddler.

Any tips? Or do you think I'm crazy for thinking I can get a decent photo of both girls together? Or maybe you just think I'm crazy for photoshopping my kiddo- that's okay to.