Our Weekend

Because I'm being a little lazy today and I'm working on a little side project at the moment, I'll let you see a few glimpses from our weekend. We celebrated the 4th of July with my in-laws and we, of course, had a mainly Korean meal with a few American additions (not pictured).
This spread is typical of most of the holidays I spend with my in-laws. It was a little strange to me at first (like the time my mother-in-law brought a rice cooker to a cookout), but I have gotten use to it.
Winsley spent a good bit of time traveling in style on the back of her Halmoni. This is the way that my mother-in-law carried her kids around when they were babies.
Meanwhile, I got to relax and enjoy a meal not cooked by me. This is Bibimbap served in a hot stone bowl. A great introduction into Korean food if you have never tried it.
And we had the most amazing few days with my grandmother. Her mind is not what it use to be and she is often confused by the present. This visit, however, she was exceptionally lucid and I loved every minute of her normal craziness.

Someday, I'll tell you all about my grandmother and her crazy comments - like when she told Ellington that she is lucky that she is so pretty because 'Pretty can get smart, but smart can't get pretty'. I could probably fill a book with funny comments like this, but that is a post for another day.

Hope everybody had a fantastic weekend with family or friends and took a little time to relax!