More on Toddler Photoshoots

First of all, a big thank you to all of the comments + tweets + facebook messages on yesterday's post. I almost didn't post it for fear that I would be crowned worst mom of the year for photoshopping my kids. I'm so thankful that this little blogging community is so supportive.

Yesterday's post really got me thinking about my own childhood photos. I have 2 sisters and my mom didn't have the luxury of a digital camera when we were small. This meant that she had one chance to get the shot and had to wait weeks for the rest of the film roll to fill up before sending the film off to get developed. Pure torture! I don't know how she got any decent shots of us.

In honor of all the mommarazzi out there before the convenience of the digital camera, here are just a few of the great photos my mom captured of our childhood:
That big ol' Michelin baby is me with my older sister, Malone. 
Yep, I'm the weirdo in the purple unicorn costume for Halloween. I sure did love that thing :)
That's me in the blue swimsuit. I absolutely adore this photo!
I'm in the middle with my older sister (Malone) to the left and my younger sister (Carney) to the right.
Also, Bonnie from A Compass Rose has a great post on her blog today about Family Portraits. Run over there to get some great tips and professional insight on how to capture your little family.