Weekend Recap

Starting with the top row, from right to left, our past week in pictures during our visit to Charlotte. 
1 I spent more time than I wanted to in this gem. I actually learned to drive in this bus of a car. . . 15 YEARS ago! It's still running, but barely. No a/c. No Power Steering. Blinkers don't work. This car has about had it. 
2 + 3 Ellington found a tutu and the rest of the week was dedicated to the ballerina. She demanded that everyone play ballerina with her (including Winsley). Did I say everyone? I meant everyone but me. Apparently, I didn't make the ballerina cut. 
4 + 5 + 6 Before all of the rain and all of the heat, we spent a little time on the playground at my mom's work (she's a preschool director). Love this place!
7 The beginning of a wonderful sibling friendship. 
8 Winsley slept. In the crib! If you knew what we have had to deal with in the sleep department with Ellington, you will understand how happy / excited / relieved I am that Winsley likes the crib. 
9 Monkey grass is the devil! Fortunately, all of the monkey grass that you see in that picture is GONE now. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!