Hashtaggin' with the Cool Kids

I'm not new to the blogging (I started this little blog 4 years ago), just new to the world of blogging. I use to write to document my life and knew that only a handful of friends and family actually read my posts. Recently, I discovered that I am not the only lifestyle + mommy blogger in blogland. I know, shocking.

I have found some amazing ladies who I would like to say are sort of my blog friends. That already sounds weird. Let's just call them new friends, but we've never met. And while I love reading their blogs and communicating on twitter, I have discovered that I'm like the grandma on the internet. Not to say that I am older than everyone else, but a little less knowledgable about this whole technology thing.
What all these #hashtags actually mean
Let me explain. I am very late to the twitter party. I swore I would never get an account, then I did and I love it! However, I have absolutely no clue what people are talking about half of the time. This whole hashtag thing has made me feel very uncool. I have had to look up what some hashtags mean #lame #IKnowImNotCool.
Popular Hashtags & their meaning
So, for those of you who want to hang out with all of the cool kids on twitter (and now Facebook), here is a little guide to what they're talking about #whatdidtheysay:
#bbloggers + #fbloggers
This is pretty self explanatory. They are just simple hashtags to help people searching for their favorite beauty and fashion bloggers.
This one had me pretty stumped when I first ran across it. I spent a good bit of time trying to decipher the acronym until I realized I could just google it. It means 'outfit of the day' and is pretty straightforward. You use this when posting a photo or blog post about what you're wearing.
Follow friday is a sweet trend on twitter / instagram / and now Facebook where you offer up the names of some of your favorite people to follow in hopes that your friends will check them out and follow them as well. And you guest it, you use this one on Friday.
Most people probably know what this one means since it has been making the rounds on all social media spaces for a while now. In case you are still clueless, it stands for 'throwback Thursday'. Simply post a picture of you or really anybody back in the day and attach this hashtag. It's fun to look into the past each Thursday, especially since none of these social media giants even existed way back then. :)
I have to admit, I had to look this one up a few times before the meaning stuck in my head. It stands for 'what I'm doing now' and you use it like it state. Take a video or photo of what you are doing right now and post it to your social media accounts with this hashtag attached. This is one of those new-to-me hashtag trends that I don't really get, but it's still fun.

Happy #hashtagging ! Let me know if there are any other hashtags that you are having trouble deciphering or just don't understand. Better yet, follow me on twitter / instagram and start hashtagging!