Father's Day Ideas

Didn't we just celebrate Mother's Day? Sometimes I feel like we are celebrating a holiday every week! However, this is one of the holidays that really deserves to be celebrated. Father's Day is just around the corner (June 16th). Whether you're thanking your dad for not disowning you during those rough teenage years or giving your hubby a pat on the back for being a such a great dad to your little ones, here are two great ideas for Father's Day gifts from some very cute etsy shops:
I wrote about this incredibly adorable Etsy shop when I was hinting to my husband what to get me for Mother's Day. Rain from Cheeky Kumquat makes the most hilarious cards that I have seen in a while. Go check out her shop, you will not be disappointed!
I have seen a lot of these road shirts on Pinterest and you could certainly DIY your own, but look at what a great job they did on this one! The Blue Basket Shop did a fantastic job on this shirt. In fact, this is the ONLY item listed in the shop. I would say 'go check them out,' but this is pretty much it. If you want to get a t-shirt for the dad on your list that doubles as an activity for the kids and a back massage for dad, go buy this one now. I'm thinking I should get one for myself now. :)

Yeah, so I could only come up with two good ideas. It's hard to find a guy a good gift. 

Hope you find the perfect gift for your father / grandfather / husband / brother / uncle or whoever you are celebrating on Father's Day! :)