Winsley's Hand-me-Down Haven

This is one of my favorite rooms in our house. Mainly because it is the most complete room, but also because there are so many things in this room that hold a special place in my heart. There are still some things I'd like to add, like some sort of name art over the crib + paint on the walls + a fun rug, but overall this room is finished and I am super happy with all of the little things that make this space so cozy. Hopefully, Winsley will be sleeping through the night in this room in no time. 

This crib was Ellington's (although she never spent much time in here) and it was given to us by a family friend. The crib skirt was made with fabric that I bought for Ellington's nursery by my little sister. I am in love with this fabric!  Unfortunately, I don't know who made it. 

This little side table is one of my favorite pieces of furniture in the entire house. It's just a little beat up hand-me-down that I believe my mom purchased from a store closing, but it has tons of character. The color is gorgeous (however, I could not get it to photograph well) and the scalloped edge on the bottom adds just the right amount of femininity. I'd still like to switch out the lamp, but this $5 find from ReStore does the trick right now. 
Although it's not as comfy as the club chair glider I had my eye on, I love that this rocking chair once lived in my great-grandmother's home The little rocking chair to the left was my older sister's childhood rocking chair. It's the perfect spot for Ellington to read while I'm rocking her baby sister. And those lovely drapes, another fantastic flea market find. My little sister spotted them, got a pair for herself, and I circled back around the market to pick the last pair up for our home. The bookshelf came from my childhood home. Apparently it belongs to my little sister because she marked it with her name + address on one of the shelves. 
This little shelf holds so many things that are so special to me. A note from my beloved grandfather that makes me cry and miss him even more each time I read it +the clown given to me by my older sister on the day I was born + a photo of my beautiful young mother holding me and my older sister in the hospital + a small blanket made by some church members. So many memories on such a tiny shelf. 
This old dry sink was perfect to use as a changing table. It has lived in many places, including the hallway of my elementary school, but I think it was made for this very purpose. The changing pad doesn't slip around and there is just enough space to fit a basket full of diapers. The bottom is also perfect for storing extra diapers, wipes, burp cloths, and blankets. 
[Top Row -Left to Right: Ellington, Me and Malone, John, Ellington. Bottom Row -Left to Right: John, Ellington, Me with My mom holding Carney and Malone, John.]
The plan was to hang pictures of Winsley above the changing station, but she arrived late so I improvised with photos of John + Ellington + me as babies and I'm not sure I'm going to change a thing now. 

Thanks for stopping by to see Winsley's little corner of the world. Check out Friday's post if you want to download your own printables seen in Winsley's nursery.