The Makings of a Great Day

A few weeks ago, I was having a really great day. I woke up before the girls + was able to shower with no interruptions + got dressed + restocked my bag with diapers and snacks for the day + I was on time for a playdate!  Even the girls were great. No tantrums. Potty training was going smoothly. Everyone napped. I couldn't ask for a better day. Then, I started thinking… isn't this the way my day is supposed to go anyway?  I mean, I'm supposed to be able to get ready and be on time. And when did this become my idea of a great day?
I was curious to see what it meant for other people to have a great day, so I obviously turned to the very scientific method of searching twitter hashtags (#greatday). The reasons why the majority of people were having a #greatday fell into the following categories:

No School or Work
Big Achievement (graduation / new job / sports achievement)
Celebrations (mother's day / birthdays)
Spending time with Family or Friends

There was nobody (at least on Twitter) talking about how great their day was because they actually got dressed that day. Most days, Winsley is up at 6 and Ellington seems to wake up right as I get Winsley to go back to sleep. This means that I normally don't have a chance to change out of my PJs until 10am. If I miraculously am able to get dressed before the girls wake up, I feel really great about how the day is started. I am even a little proud, like I had accomplished a major achievement that day. 

Motherhood has definitely changed my perspective. I know I'm not the only momma who wished Mother's Day would consist of no tantrums + no fighting + momma not having to clean up after the kids + being able to shower in peace + using the bathroom alone. Is that too much to ask? Until the kids are all grown up, I guess my reasons for having a #greatday will fall into these categories:

Took a Shower + Got Dressed (bonus points for drying hair)
Made it to ALL activities on time
No Tantrums

If you see a momma out there who is wearing 'real' clothes instead of her mom uniform of yoga pants and a t-shirt covered in baby spit up, go tell her that she looks fabulous. It will make her #greatday even better! In fact, go tell that momma wearing baby spit up that she is doing an incredible job as a mom!  It takes a lot of selflessness to put your kids needs and demands before your own cleanliness after all. 

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