Summer Bucket List 2013

With the weather warming up and two little ladies to entertain, it is evident that summer is quickly approaching. To make things fun for my 2 year old and remind myself that there is more to do in this great city than going to the playground, I created some cards with ideas we can do each day. The plan is to let Ellington pick out one or two cards each week. Of course, some things are already decided like our family beach trip and watching fireworks + some things are not really for her like the mommy - daddy date. This is such a great idea that you can easily replicate in your own home. Older kids can participate by thinking of ideas or even decorating their own cards with markers / glitter / paint / paper.
Currently, we have these cards hanging on our kitchen chalkboard and Ellington loves looking at it everyday. Next year I might have to make more cards or repeats of the same ideas because she seems to think that we need to pick a card out every morning.
Some things are generic like visiting a museum + having a picnic, but other things are customized for our family - like potty training! Yep, that's right - this is what life is like with kids, people. What's unique on your summer bucket list?