She's Got Junk in the Trunk

Why yes. Yes I do. Lots & lots of junk in my trunk!  That's the only way I can explain packing for a trip with two little ones. You will be bringing lots of junk no matter how many times you unpack - take things out - & repack. There are just some things that you are required to take along even if you don't end up using them… like the stroller that my older daughter never seems to want to sit in, but we will regret it if it's not with us at the beach for that ONE time she wants to ride in the stroller. 

Plus, I am in the market for a new swimsuit and the swimsuit gods must not want me to buy one this year. I have tried on nearly 50 swimsuits and nothing seems to fit me. The joys of a new mommy body.  And, when did swimsuits get so expensive??  I am a little embarrassed to admit that the last time I purchased a swimsuit was way back in 2009 - that's 4 years ago, people!

I'll quit my whining now and go finish up the packing because we are going to the BEACH! One long glorious week at the beach with Daddy there to help out the entire time - I think that's the part that I am most excited about. A vacation just isn't as relaxing when you have little ones, but we'll have so much fun and at least I know I'll still get in some exercise while chasing Ellington around. I will be much happier when all the packing is complete and we are on our way to a wonderful vacation at the beach with two of our favorite couples!

While I'm trying to figure out how to stuff a weeks worth of junk into my trunk tetris-style, go check out an awesome giveaway by Pursuit of Pink.