My Struggles are Nothing

Yesterday was a difficult and stressful day in mommyland. I normally write my posts the night before they are to go up - after the kids are asleep and I have a little time just to myself. But yesterday, well, yesterday I just didn't have it in me to turn the gears in my brain. Instead, I warmed up my coffee from the afternoon (for the fourth time) and decided to read a few posts from this blog starting from the beginning.   
Three hours later, my coffee was gone, and I was halfway through Christie's posts written over the last 3 years. I found myself unable to stop reading, but Winsley was due for another feeding, so I dragged myself off to bed. Like reading a good novel or watching a favorite TV drama, I couldn't get Christie's story out of my head and I had to know what happened next. I pulled out my iPhone and read her posts in bed until my eyes would no longer stay open.

This morning, I finished reading through every blog post that Christie had written about her incredible journey. And what a truly inspiring journey it is. Unlike a novel or television show, Christie's stories are about real people. This is her real life and her journey is nowhere near complete. If you have the time, I encourage you to read through her blog, starting from the beginning, and keep updated with the progress Ekubo Ministries is making through their Facebook page and website

My struggles of motherhood in the US are nothing compared to what the mothers and children are facing in Uganda. Reading through all of the struggles that Christie and her family have witnessed and experienced makes me want to hug every child in their care, but I am far away from Africa and a hug wouldn't help to fill their bellies with nutritious food nor treat their illnesses. 

There is hope. You can help by donating to Ekubo Ministries on their website and, of course, pray. This is such an incredible couple and they are doing amazing work on their faith in God alone, surviving and moving forward with their big dreams for Uganda solely through donations. Incredible. 
Ekubo Ministries Vision from BB Media on Vimeo.
UPDATE: You can also help support Ekubo Ministries and the community in Uganda that they serve by purchasing these beautiful products that the people in the village make by hand (Jewelry + Crafts)!
          "We want to encourage you to shop for gifts that GIVE and not only bless the one receiving it but also blesses a family in Uganda, East Africa. Ekubo Ministries exists to provide sustainable jobs to the men and women we serve so that they can generate income to provide for their families. The worst thing you can do to someone trapped in poverty is something they can do for themselves. AID creates dependence while teaching and giving them a TRADE restores their dignity. We are inviting you to shop for gifts from us that GIVE. GIVE life. GIVE love. GIVE hope." - Ekubo Ministries