DIY Cardboard Play House for a Rainy Day

Weather in this part of the country has been rainy and cloudy and just all around depressing. I thought May was supposed to be sunny and warm. To bring a little cheeriness to our indoor space and to keep a momma sane we took an old cardboard box and made it into our very own playhouse.

Materials Needed:
Cardboard Box*
Box Cutter
Markers or Crayons

*Use a large box to make a playhouse for your toddler or a small one for use as a dollhouse. 
Get as creative as you want or just cut a hole for a door and let your little one do all of the coloring. I had lots of fun 'designing' the house and my daughter followed quickly behind with her crayons to color in all of my simple line drawings. This thing kept her busy all day. She pretended that it was a store and bought me lots of pretend cokes, then she pointed out each object I had drawn and said it's name out loud. She also played her own version of hide-and-seek. She hid in the house, counted out loud, then wanted me to come find her. When coloring and pretend play gets tiring, I plan on breaking out the stickers. 
We had lots of fun with this FREE entertainment on such a yucky day. What are your go-to activities when the weather is not cooperating?