Did you Bless your Momma Yesterday?

We had a relatively uneventful Mother's Day this year. The entire family is now on a clean eating adventure, so there was no pancake breakfast to wake me up. My gift from John and the girls this year won't come until next week when I go shopping for a new swimsuit and clothes for the beach (side note: when did swimsuits get so expensive?). It was pretty much just another day of mommyhood. Winsley decided to wake up and stay up at 6 am + Ellington decided milk was not acceptable for breakfast and had the opportunity to spend a good chunk of time in timeout for throwing her milk across the room. Yep - Just another normal day of mommyhood. And I wouldn't have it any other way! Cheesy, but true. :)
Last week, we snuck in a little Mother's Day photoshoot. Ellington is a bit persnickety these days when it comes to letting me take her picture. You have to snap a photo real quick like the paparazzi before she decides that she is having a bad hair day and no longer wants to be photographed. I give props to all of the children's photographers out there - it's hard to catch two little ones smiling (with their eyes open) at the same time. Here are two outtakes from the photoshoot (below). 
I love love love Winsley's smile in this one and the fact that Ellington is giving her a big kiss. 
This one is just silly - the perfect word to describe my little girls on most days. 

But, seriously, how do photographers do it?!

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