Dance Party Friday

We have a tradition in the Yi household - dancing!  We love a good dance party and you can find me jammin' out to old school music + new pop hits on most Friday mornings. Ellington absolutely loves to sing and dance! She often choreographs her own dances and is very bossy about how other dance / sing to her music. It's a lot of fun + very entertaining + I get in a little exercise and enjoy some great music. Lately, we have been 'shaking our bodies' (as Ellington says) to Ziggy Marley. I think he is my new favorite go-to kid's artist AND he has a children's book that I'll have to check out asap! Who would have thought that a momma who grew up listening to Bob Marley would be sharing his son's music with her girls?! I even had a guinea pig named Ziggy when I was little.

Enough of my ramblings. Start your day with this song and then go enjoy the holiday weekend! Happy Dance Party Friday!