A Week at the Beach, Part 3 of 4

My grown up little lady absolutely adores the beach! Just a few months ago she was hesitant to play in the sandbox for fear of getting dirt on her hands, but now she is one with the sand. I have to trick her into going back to the beach house and, unfortunately for her little sister, I often use Winsley as an excuse. 'The baby needs to go home to eat' 'The baby has to get out of the sun for a little while' Seriously, this girl is obsessed with the ocean waves and the miles of sand. 
 I am not really sure why she is making that face, but I love it!
Ellington was really upset when she noticed that the dads were using her football to play a game on the beach, so she grabbed it the first chance she got and marched back to where I was sitting saying, 'No Daddy play my football!' I guess we need to work on sharing a little more before Winsley gets old enough to take her toys. :)
I see many more beach weeks in our future with these two little ladies! 

And just in case you're wondering if my 12 week old is super advanced and sitting up on her own already. . . she's not. I sneakily photoshopped my hand out of the picture. :)